DIAMON-FUSION is a treatment applied to your cars windshield that helps protect your glass from chips. It also helps repel water, and cut down on the glare from on coming traffic at night. We can apply the treatment at time of install, and even provide some for your other cars if needed.
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In Arizona the heat and UV rays of the sun can speed up the deterioration of your car"s interior. We use SOLAR GUARD window films that block 99% of the sun"s ultra violet rays, providing protection to your car"s interior. It also cuts down on the glare and heat from the sun, and assists your air conditioner in keeping your car cool. Ask your sales representative or customer service agent for details.
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OK, even though it doesn't rain much in Arizona, aren't you tired of turning those wipers on after that first rain just to smear the mud and dust all over your brand new windshield? Let us replace your wiper blades while we install your windshield or other glass replacement . Just ask your sales associate or customer service representative for details and pricing. They may even be FREE !!!!
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